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The iron archeological discoveries found in territory of the Bukhara oasis confirm the most ancient origin of the blacksmith's craft.

Among a hundreds types of crafts extended in Bukhara blacksmith's craft was one of respected.
Smiths, as well as other handicraftsmen had their shop. Association of smiths had the Charter - "Risola". Smiths considered as the sacred patron tsar David.

Among smiths there is a legend: "In ancient times there lived tsar David who was the smith. Once have gathered all handicraftsmen and began to discuss a question: "Whose craft is more important? ". Each handicraftsman praised his craft. Among these crafts, the craft of the smith has appeared not so important.

David has been afflicted. The whole week he did not appear in his workshop. Among handicraftsmen there was a panic. It has appeared that at the tailor needles have broken, at the builder nails have come to an end...

Patrons of all crafts have gathered and have gone to David with the request to return in workshop. It has appeared, that all kinds of crafts are closely connected with blacksmith's craft.

Since then David considered as the patron of all crafts, and blacksmith’s craft  is the most important among all crafts.
In 19 century in Bukhara there were several tens of blacksmith’s workshops which have subsequently stopped their existence.

Now in Bukhara there are 10 blacksmith’s workshops, in one of them works smith Kamalov Said.

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