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     Usto Said Kamalov the smith in the fifth generation, his sons Sukhrob and Sokhib are representatives of forge business in the sixth generation. The dynasty of blacksmith masters has been begun with Usto Shamsiddin, the second generation has presented Usto Ikrom, the third Usto Kamol, the fourth Usto Gafur Kamolov.

    Usto Саид and his sons Sukhrob and Sokhib, keeping traditions of manufacturing products, bring the contribution to development the "Bukhara style».

    In 1999 Usto Said has taken part in exhibition of creativity national masters in France.

    In 2011 his son Usto Sohib has taken part in an exhibition of creativity of national masters «Import shop Berlin» in Germany, participants of this exhibition were more than 500 masters of handicraftsmen from 65 countries of the world.

      Usto Sais Kamalov and his sons annually take part in the exhibition «Expo center»  are spent 5-6 times in a year in Tashkent, Samarkand and other large cities of Uzbekistan. Here they expose production of the shop, find new partners and buyers.

      His sons Sukhrob and Sokhib, continuing traditions of ancestors, work in blacksmith workshop, they carry out cooperation with other handicraftsmen, accept active participation in work of Bukhara association of handicraftsmen, carry out marketing researches on finished goods commodity market, search new partners and buyers, study operational experience of blacksmith masters in Uzbekistan and abroad, last years the big attention is given to advertising.

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